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Anger. Sheer Anger.

November 27, 2017

I wish what I felt right now was closer to numbness. At least that way my synapses wouldn’t be firing in directions I don’t want them to leading to slow-burn insanity. However, that’s precisely where I’m heading. By the end of the day today, reading all the developments that have occurred over the past 24-48 hours may well render me fully insane. Shouting at walls about the culpability of multiple state actors at bringing the country to its knees again in an effort to GOD KNOWS WHAT? Because as is amply clear, no one person here has a plan for this country.

I’m angry at the sitting government. Angry at their sheer incompetence. Angry at their feebleness and capitulation to let go of a minister because he may or may not be a member of some sect. Livid that the entire government up and left to set up camp at Jati Umrah when Islamabad was on fire. You’re the bloody government, your job is to stay in the capital and fix whatever mess was created. I am driven to madness by their efforts over these past few weeks to pass a new election law to allow their deposed Prime Minister to remain party head, all the while a frothy mixture of extremism and Punjabi swear words were laying siege to the capital. You have chosen your ministers poorly, you have been caught in cases of graft so flagrantly that it would make Al Capone blush. BUT, you already had experience with one idiotic pointless dharna (before all of you come rushing for my head, the Supreme Court [yes the very same Panama one you all extoll now] declared that the 2013 elections were not rigged) — so WHY ON EARTH did you not know what to do with these maulvi buffoons? How could you not have contingencies planned out? What the everloving fuck were you DOING?

And man, oh, man, am I am angry at the PTI. It doesn’t take much for that party of opportunists to send me into a tizzy but they really outdid themselves this time. Golf claps all around for their love of terrorists. I mean, Taliban Khan didn’t become a moniker for nothing. But the absolutely low degree to which they stooped now is beyond disgusting. First, you have Imran Khan writing out an official statement (!!) in which he does not even for a single sentence condemn the terrorists whose lists of demands included the Government handing them a list of ALL public servants who may or may not be suspected to be from the Ahmaddiya community. Not a peep. Yeah, sure, this man’s going to save this country. This asshole. The only thing he’s ever cared for is his personal glory, and he saw this as another opportunity to get himself closer to the Prime Minister’s seat. He will never fix this country. He simply doesn’t have the wherewithal.

Oh and let’s not forget his Lieutenants, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Jahangir Khan Tareen. I would call him his ATMs, but I’m sure Khan Saab doesn’t like to stand in lines and just gets cheques made out to CASH directly from them. SMQ, who in the very last PPP government where he was foreign minister (remember that? remember how he was the enemy just five years ago?) positioned himself as a great progressive; smiling ear to ear next to Hillary Clinton in DC. Well he’s still smiling ear to ear, but now he’s doing it at an impromptu Khatm-e-Nabuwat rally in Multan. And Jahangir Tareen asked for the Interior Minister’s head, because, Jesus Christ who on earth even knows.

But my real anger is reserved for the high command of our armed forces. This is not an attack on the army and the jawans who daily lay their lives on the line for whatever minute security we still manage to have. Oh no, this motherlode of anger is for the conniving Corps Commanders whose bread and butter now appears to be political instability. Maintain their relevance by destablising civilian governments, and then come out front as the saviours of the nation. Well, even that has been torn asunder now. General Bajwa is either a coward or an accomplice, and I absolutely cannot decide what is worse. The DG ISPR, our newest bane, explicitly put the elected civilian government of the country on the same level as terrorists besieging the capital. Oh, also, the army high command has this grand plan of “mainstreaming” extremist organisations into political parties — the former Lashkar-e-Tayyaba is now the “Milli Muslim League” and one can certainly not put aside the possibility that these Labaik people are part of the “mainstreaming” effort too. Why they’re being mainstreamed is a question no one has any answer to. But, hey, Daddy Fauj knows best.

Venal and corrupt. These words have been used for our politicians for years. But, truly, if you look at the direction the military been going in for years it describes them with such accuracy that you could thread a camel through that pinhead. Their narrow economic interests have overtaken every single other consideration they have. The importance of the nation’s stability is secondary to the importance of cereal manufacturing. As long as DHA Phase 377 in Lahore is a smashing success, everything is simply great. These people aren’t our protectors, they are our masters. When they refused to take on the Labbaik the signal was clear, “the popular writ is less important than our desires.” And then, of course, the Labbaik in their statement write a love letter to General Bajwa thanking him for all his hard work.

Abb kiya dhakka chhupa?

The military are not our defenders, they are our masters. We never gained independence because we were just recolonized. This time by our own. And this time their guns are more powerful. Their tanks are stronger. They have nuclear weapons.

And most importantly — they have a significant clutch of our population aiding and abetting them. From television anchors to supposed liberals to the upwardly mobile classes. Who needs spies from across the border when the traitors live among us.

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  1. Saad permalink
    November 27, 2017 7:48 am

    Truly sad. This 99 all over again and we all know what followed after…

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