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Ten Days On

December 26, 2014

Monday, the 15th of December 2014

The Taliban are “our wayward brothers” who need to be talked into returning to the fold of the Great Islamic Republic.


Tuesday, the 16th of December 2014

11 am to 6 pm

Most of the day is spent in a haze. The horror is, to put it in the mildest way possible, overwhelming. More than 140 children have been butchered at the hands of a Jihadi organization that has been waging war against the State of Pakistan for near over a decade. There is no way to process this.

The eyewitness accounts start rolling in. Children were shot point blank. Teachers, in heroic attempts to save their students’ lives, ended up burnt alive. Students stuffed their uniform ties into their mouths to not scream when shot. So they could play dead. Humanoid possums.

7 pm

The news media is irate at the attack. Montages of the horror are scored to dirges. A Dunya TV reporter is lambasting the Government for not hanging convicted terrorists because of what he assumes is greed for aid from the European Union. His newscaster angrily demands that he elaborate on the Government’s greed.

The television is switched off.

Wednesday, the 17th of September 2014

Peshawar continues to bury her dead. An All Parties Conference is convened in Peshawar. The moratorium on the death penalty is lifted for terror convicts.

Bloodlust abounds.

Candles are lit.

Thursday, the 18th of December 2014

The political leadership declares there shall be no distinction between “good” and “bad” Taliban. All must be cleared. The scourge of religious terror is to be uprooted entirely.

Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, the alleged mastermind of the 26/11 attacks in Bombay, is granted bail by an Anti-Terror Court.

Some terrorists may be more equal than others. Some terrorists are a good way to send a message.

A few brave individuals take their rage to Lal Masjid in Islamabad to excoriate its cleric for not condemning the Peshawar school attack. They are promptly threatened. Police in riot gear show up. They must protect the Lal Masjid.

Friday, the 19th of December 2014

Murmurs of Military Courts to try terrorism suspects start making the rounds.

FIRs are instantly lodged against the Lal Masjid protestors at the behest of a sectarian organization responsible for the murder of hundreds of Pakistani Shias. Seven are taken into custody.

A larger protest of hundreds assembles at Lal Masjid in the evening. It takes them more than 5 hours to get an FIR written up at the police station. No arrests are made.

Two convicted terrorists are hanged. One had been in custody and released four times in what is rumoured were hopes of flipping him as a double agent. He eventually masterminded the attack on Pakistan’s military headquarters.

Some terrorists should pick their targets more carefully.

Saturday, the 20th of December 2014

A young man convicted at the age of 14 for involuntary manslaughter on the basis of a confession extracted after nine days of torture is to be executed.

His is not a case of terrorism.

Sunday, the 21st of December 2014

Four more convicted terrorists are hanged. They had conspired to assassinate then President General Pervez Musharraf.

No terrorist convicted of attacking a civilian target has been hanged yet.

Monday, the 22nd of December 2014

Did India do it? What about their consulates all over Afghanistan? And isn’t that where Mullah Fazlullah resides now?

That must be it. India did it.

Tuesday, the 23rd of December 2014

The Lahore High Court ends the detention of Malik Ishaq, spiritual leader of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a sectarian terrorist organization responsible for the continuous murder of hundreds of Shias. Hazaras in Quetta. Doctors in Karachi. Pilgrims crossing into Iran.

The government didn’t prosecute the case well enough, the court argued.

Maybe some terrorists are good? It’s not like the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has the term ‘Taliban’ in its name.

Wednesday, the 24th of December 2014

We have military courts. To try civilians. There is some unease.

The Prime Minister tells us he will lead the war effort himself. We have been at war for ten years.

Thursday, the 25th of December 2014


Pakistan’s Christian community holds muted celebrations of their holiest day out of respect for the victims of the Peshawar massacre.

A Christian couple had been burnt alive in a brick kiln by an angry mob of Muslims a few weeks prior on cooked up blasphemy charges.

Friday, the 26th of December 2014

#WeHateLiberalFascists is the top trend in the Pakistani Twitterverse.

The same liberals that advocated the State take on our “wayward brothers” instead of cajoling them. The same liberals who fought to get an arrest warrant against the only man in the country who refused to condemn the Peshawar massacre. The same liberals who resisted the process of Islamization and Jihad proliferation bestowed upon us by General Zia’s regime.

The haters of Liberal Fascists (a term so meaningless it encompasses everyone from the principled and courageous Asma Jahangir to the execrable Ansar Abbasi) cannot wait to see them hanged too for daring to ask our military overlords some impertinent questions.

So they both must die. The wayward brothers; and the liberals that never saw them as such.

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