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Anusha Rahman. Oh Anusha Rahman.

August 5, 2013


Dear Ms. Rahman,

Please don’t confuse this for an open letter. Open letters are dumb and are meant for the consumption of anyone who really wants to read it. No. This letter is dedicated to you solely and to try and explain the intricacies of the network of tubes that we affectionately like to call the interwebs.

You see Ms. Rahman, as Minister of IT (or Minister of State of IT because one would presume that you would learn on-the-job prior to being promoted to a full Ministerial position where you could wreak even greater havoc) your job is to formulate policy regarding the new and wonderful ways in which technology is revolutionizing the world. Unfortunately it seems you took a wrong turn going to church (or the mosque, whatever) and thought that as Minister of IT your sole responsibility was to morally crusade on my god given right to look at dog videos on YouTube (because screw cat videos – cats are demons. My maulvi taught me. Perhaps yours did too Ms. Rahman. Or maybe yours was really into the whole dogs are paleed thing. Diff’rent strokes, diff’rent folks.) and freely download enough pornography to crash my ISP’s server.

Here’s a step by step guide to how the internet works:

1. Person A has a computer

2. There is a magical cloud or a series of tubes or a network of underwater cables or who the fuck cares through which Person A transmits information to some other person.

3. There are these things called websites. Person A might use a website to send something the other person or to post something on it. Much as I’m using this website to send this letter to you. I really ought to have used snail mail though; seems more up your technological alley. (Should there be a Ministerial reshuffle [and knowing our history there certainly will be one] angle for the Post Master General spot. You could threaten long term bans on manila envelopes.)

4. Now here’s the real kicker: Person A can post anything he wants. That’s right. ANYTHING. And that anything might be a hilarious dog video, or a cat video (highly objectionable to me – look into banning those maybe.)

So when you, Ms. Rahman, say that YouTube will not be unblocked until the ENTIRE BLOODY INTERNET is rid of the scourge of whatever offends your moral (or your government’s, or the TTP’s, or whoever’s bidding it is that we do these days) all you really display is a level of ignorance that is unbecoming of someone in your position of power.

While we’re talking can we have a good laugh about the time when you threatened to block Google? Because of our mighty economic clout. Hahahahaha *cling cling cling* (that’s the sound of our teacups returning to their saucers because we don’t want the scalding tea to fall all over us as we laugh ourselves senseless.) Yes, let the company that can buy Pakistan twenty times over feel our wrath. I’m sure they’re shaking in their boots.

So do us all a solid Ms. Rahman and stop talking about YouTube for a while. We know it’s not coming back, because we know no one has the gumption to really do anything about it. All that happens when you bring it up is make people’s blood boil. And seriously, high blood pressure? That shit ain’t good for nobody.

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  1. August 5, 2013 2:12 pm

    great !

  2. August 5, 2013 3:09 pm

    Wow…. You really dnt get what rest of Pakistan thinks or believes in…. You do realize Islamabad se aagay Pakistan aur bhi hai?

    • August 5, 2013 3:15 pm

      Tau phir Minister of IT kuchh karein jo ke baaqi Pakistan ki bhi madad kar sakay. Ab tak ‘aam awaam’ ke liye kiya kaarnama kiya hai inhon ne?

  3. August 5, 2013 7:14 pm

    Hahaha, love the angst and support it 100%. Paghal hi hai ye bandi.

  4. Saad BP permalink
    August 6, 2013 11:01 am

    You (so called) liberals are on a level of bigotry seldom seen in history. You taunt and mock the authorities for a blanket ban on YouTube but when the government takes steps to bring in a filter that would automatically block objectionable content, you raise havoc on social and mainstream media to stop that move.
    If the esteemed author (who won’t reveal his real name) doesn’t know, if Person A likes a video on YT, he might copy it to his machine (computer) and upload it through the network of tubes to his personal account(not a bank account) on YT. So, URL (address) level blocking is unfeasible and not foolproof. Also, it adds to the latency of your server, which is the time required for it to respond to a request person A made using the tube called the network. It is my God Given Right to have a lag free gaming experience and would like my internet to be with low ping. If you want to watch cat, dog or hamster videos, you can always download HotSpot Shield or any other VPN(which is a software that will allow you to access blocked sites) and watch them.

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