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Imran Khan, Liberals, and Twitter

March 19, 2010

I was recently made aware of Imran Khan’s debut on Twitter, which I found rather surprising since all his appearances on television comprise circuitous discussions, and never ending “background” revelations.

The question on my mind was, “Can 140 characters rein in the crazy?”

The answer it turns out is no. A few choice examples:

There is not one statement I have ever given supporting the Taliban

In the same breath as:

The carnage in Lahore today is a direct result of the stepped up drone attacks

While certainly not an endorsement of the Taliban, it’s fairly obvious that Imran Khan perpetually justifies extremist violence. “The Tallies are bad, but you’ve got to understand why they became bad! They didn’t want to be bad! Circumstances! Drone attacks! Amreeka! LIBERAL EXTREMISTS!”

However, what truly irked me were the following tweets (I can’t believe we live in a day and age where a “tweet” is totally normal parlance):

Liberals in western countries oppose mily operations in Afpak and want a pol solution. So why are most Pak liberals pro war?


If being anti mily operations makes me pro Taleban ,then going by this logic , western libs must also be pro taleban

Comparing Western Liberals and Pakistani Liberals on the issue of the Afghan conflict / the Taliban is totally disingenuous. Western Liberals and Pakistani Liberals have wildly varied departure points on the issue. For Western Libs, it’s an issue of their army being stuck in a foreign land in an interminable war which is a massive drain on domestic reform agenda. For Pakistani Libs, the issue is one of an obscurantist force fighting against the state for power and implementing a strict, religious system on the entire nation. In fact, it could be argued that taking on the Taliban is part of a progressive domestic reform agenda for Pakistan.

If some intransigent, conservative Christian group started to blow shit up in the United States with the aim of imposing a theocracy on the entire nation, I can assure you that Western Liberals would not sit down with them over a couple of Miller Lites to thrash out their differences. No sirree Bob.

Edit: Has anyone seen IK’s bio on his Twitter page? “Tabdeeli Ka Nishaan, Imran Khan”. AWESOME.

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  1. Natasha permalink
    April 11, 2010 7:10 pm

    He surely gets an unfair treatment by the liberals here.Speaking against violence and root cause does not imply that he ‘supports’ terrorism.

  2. July 20, 2010 2:29 am

    Here is another gem:

    The 1600Afghan jirga echoes PTIs stance:cease fire,release prisioners and hold dialogue with insurgents.A huge setback to the prowar ‘libs’

    First of all, who the fuck is tweeting in his stead? I mean, really, how hard is to come up with 140 characters, on your own, every other day?

    And who are these “prowar ‘libs'” ? Anyone who doesn’t naturally foam at the mouth out of sheer love of Islam and threaten to behead you at the drop of an azar-band? Gaaah!!!

    And check this: Jemima Khan the socialite has 11,969 followers, The Saviour of Pakistan: 16,860. I wonder what the ‘pro war libs’ have to say about that? hain ji?

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